Skyline Moving Company

Skyline Moving Company is a highly-regarded moving service that has received positive feedback from customers. In particular, they are praised for their promptness and expertise in handling delicate and heavy items. Moreover, they are said to have an impressive level of perseverance and dedication when it comes to their work. For example, one customer says that the movers were able to maneuver a piano up a winding staircase, which other movers had deemed impossible. They also get praise for their courteous and respectful manners.

Call Skyline Movers to arrange a convenient time for the agent to visually survey your household goods and prepare an estimate. Be sure to specify articles and be as complete as possible. The cost of your move will depend on the actual weight of the shipment at destination plus any extra services performed. The movers may also inspect cartons you have packed and, if in their opinion, they are not properly loaded or susceptible to damage, they may refuse to load them. If you have any questions regarding the estimated charges, ask your Skyline agent to explain them to you.

Before the day of your move, discard or give away all combustibles and flammables (such as cleaning fluids, matches, acids, chemistry sets, aerosol cans, ammunition, weed killer and paint thinner) and replace them with fresh supplies. Also, drain fuel from your power mowers and other machinery and discard partly used cans of gasoline or diesel oil. Discard propane tanks that are not filled or purged by your local dealer.

If you have a pet, see that it is up to date on its vaccinations and that its identification tag is clearly marked with your new address. Make arrangements to transport it or board it either at your present home or, if necessary, at a kennel in your destination city until you are settled in your new residence. Ask your Skyline agent for a copy of our “Moving With Pets” booklet.

Before movers arrive, make final preparations and clean your house and garage. Clean and polish furniture, vacuum and dust all surfaces. Pack your personal belongings in boxes, with a copy of the inventory sheet for each box. Check your possessions as they are being unloaded and note any visible damage or loss on the inventory sheet. Then sign the sheet as verification that you have received your household goods in good condition.

If you have a non-binding estimate, you are required to pay your carrier at delivery unless other billing arrangements are made in advance. If you have a binding estimate, the amount due is based on the actual weight of your shipment after it is loaded on the van and any additional services performed. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order, certified or bank draft, American Express Card, Discover Card or Visa and Master Card. Personal checks are not accepted for interstate moves.

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