Jaco surf town is one of the best in Costa Rica for families, backpackers

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica and are looking for a good surf spot, there are some great places that will offer you amazing waves and relaxation. If you are a beginner or have never surfed before, then these beach towns will be perfect for you. These beaches are also great for people who want to take a relaxing break after they have been surfing all day.


Probably the most popular beach for surfing in Costa Rica, this town is a great optionĀ best surf towns in costa rica for both beginners and advanced surfers. There are plenty of surf shops here, as well as many accommodation options. This is a popular spot during the summer months, so be sure to book your accommodation well in advance.


This surf town is one of the best in Costa Rica for families, backpackers, and surfers. You will find a lot of restaurants and bars here, as well as many activities that are geared toward families. There are also lots of opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and ATVs in nearby Carara National Park.

Jaco is also the main base for a day trip to Dominical and Playa Hermosa, as well as a few other beaches on the way. It is also close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, so it’s not hard to see why it is a popular destination for both surfers and non-surfers alike.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa:

Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, this is a surfing paradise that’s known for its big swells and fast waves. The waves here can be a bit tricky to access, but they are also some of the best for intermediates and advanced surfers.

There are three main beaches here, with a left and right wave over sand. They are all great places to surf, but it’s best to get there at low tide when the waves are bigger and faster.

Witches Rock: This sandbar break is a little difficult to access, but it’s worth the effort when the surf is good. It’s a fast and zippy left that is hollow on high tide.

Pavones: This is another remote beach that requires a boat transfer to get to, but it is well worth the effort. It is known for its massive lefts when the swell is right.


This is another incredibly popular surf town that is on the Nicoya Peninsula but still in Guanacaste. It is home to some of the best waves in Costa Rica for all levels of surfers, including reefy rights at Punta Guiones and more beginner breaks in sheltered coves.

Nosara is a great place for vegan food and relaxation. There are many places to grab a smoothie or light snack, but you can also head over to Luv Burger for a 100% plant-based meal.


This beach is a great spot for big wave surfing, and is not as crowded as some other spots on the coast. The waves can be chest to head high depending on the swell.

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