Finding the Best Sandwiches Near Me in NYC

When it comes to sandwiches, New York City does it up. Whether you’re looking for a classic deli or a luncheonette serving up old-school fare, there is an eatery to satisfy every craving.

The borough is packed with delis, pita spots, torta-slinging Mexican joints and newfangled American luncheonettes, so the choices are endless. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite sandwich-dedicated restaurants, both old-school and new, to help you find the best one near you.

Defonte’s, a family-run Italian-American restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, serves up some of the city’s most delectable sandwiches. Whether you’re craving an elevated chicken Parmesan or a hearty meatball sub, this deli has got you covered. It’s worth the trip to the other end of the city, too, for its legendary chopped salad and the iconic Golden Boy Special sandwich (chicken cutlet, mozzarella, ham and prosciutto tossed in vodka sauce).

Brooklyn’s Little Kirin is a small, counter-service spot that serves up some seriously good banh mi. The ciabatta bread soaks up the saucy meats and veggies with ease, and the toppings range from the traditional (pastrami, pickles and mayo) to more unexpected (roasted pork with five spice and sesame).

Chopped salads are all the rage, but for some of the best in NYC, head to Blue Sky Deli, which is widely credited with creating the hero sandwiches near me that we all love. The ingredients at this neighborhood deli are always fresh and perfectly proportioned, and the hero is smothered in just enough mayo to give it that perfect consistency.

This contemporary tri-state deli is known for its inventive takes on old-school favorites. We highly recommend trying the Number 1 sandwich, which is a juicy, perfectly baked chicken cutlet with thick-cut bacon and white cheddar, served with a signature Cutlets sauce and the essential complement—avocado.

It’s not easy to master the art of making a great grilled cheese. But Earl’s on the UES has the patience and hand-eye coordination to nail it. Their grilled cheeses are stacked high with the likes of pork belly, kimchi and potato chips, while their more traditional option is also worth a try. And for a drink to wash it all down, they serve up some of the city’s best homemade lemonade.

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